Ariana Ron Pedrique stars in this thought-provoking drama praises as “exhilarating and liberating”. The film had its world premiere on SXSW 2021 and was later acquired by Gravitas Ventures.

It’s impossible not to share in [Russ’] palpable fascination with leading star Ariana Ron Pedrique, who plunges head-first into the physical and emotional particulars of a slow-motion breakdown.

Tells the account of three of the most famous heists in contemporary American History. From the makers of Academy Award winner “Two Distant Strangers” comes Heist, a Netflix series Ron Pedrique participates in.

Wildly entertaining collection of true-crime stories that falls firmly into “you couldn’t make it up” territory.

The Sony’s smash hit series became #1 Netflix LATAM and Mexico, breaking audience records. Ariana’s powerful performance as Paula Restrepo transformed her career as it is still to this day beloved by audiences.

Lip Sync México

From VIACOM’s sensation musical competition series comes Lip Sync Mexico hosted by Nicky Jam and Ariana Ron Pedrique in which celebrities battle each other with lip sync performances. The series premiered in Comedy Central Latin-America.

Dos Lagos

Ariana Ron Pedrique stars in the 20th Century Fox and Tv Azteca horror mini-series that tells the story of three different families that inhabit an old Hacienda in Mexico. The series is now available on Amazon Prime MX.


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